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Prince Harry: ELLE Man of the Week

Sep 03, 2013


f there’s one tradition we Brits love more than any other it’s having a naughty royal to tut and gossip about.

Because yes it would be nice to have tea with Kate and Wills, but there’s only so much baby talk one can handle before the urge for a Pina Colada in a pineapple kicks in -  and we know just who’s holding the bottle.

Of course there's more to Harry than party boy antics. He raises money for charity, flies helicopters and is the best uncle a future King could hope for.

We just know when baby George’s old enough he’ll be running to Uncle Harry for advice on girls and how to sneak out the palace and into Mahiki. 

Face: ruddy cheeked and brazen-mouthed
Body: what happens in Vegas... ends up all over the papers
Personality: mischievous
Attainability: unless you’re blonde and posh, not a chance
Prince William: ELLE Man of the Week

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