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Will WiFi technology and apps turn us into less grumpy and more productive commuters?

Sep 21, 2013

The following guest blog is by Chris Book, Founder of Bardowl.

With constant delays and overcrowding on underground and overground trains, it isn’t untrue to write that most British commuters often find commuting in the morning to be an inconvenient and regrettable necessity, with most wishing they were back in bed.

However, now that ChancellorGeorge Osborne may receive funding to install WiFi technology on London train lines without it, this presents an opportunity for apps to be used more often on trains – but will it turn Britain’s commuters into a more productive and jubilant workforce?

In this age of consumption, commuters are increasingly engaging with various forms of content.

For example, excluding drivers, 15.2% of commuters listen to music and 14.5% read a bookaccording to research by randstad.

Given the proliferation of mobile devices, it may seem surprising that only 5.7% read content on their smartphone or tablet, but then wifi on the underground is hardly reliable and most apps require a strong Internet connection that isn’t available on all trains.

However, if WiFi technology was more readily available across all forms of public transport, then commuters would have faster connection.

More importantly, widespread WiFi and 4G technology gives commuters, through the use of apps, an opportunity to have a more rewarding journey to work.

With employees spending nearly 200 hours a year travelling to and from work, it is important that commuters are productive during this time.

There are a number of apps such as WunderlistDropbox and Evernote that employees can use on public transport to help them start their day in a productive manner, whether that is checking through emails, going over meeting notes or planning their calendar.

But productivity is holistic and is not limited to only work related tasks.

Entertainment on a commuter’s journey is just as crucial to their well-being.

Easily accessible WiFi can afford commuters a chance to be entertained by different kinds of mediums.

Take audiobooks for example.

Reading a book on a crowded train in the morning is a challenging practice especially if you fail to secure a seat.

This inconvenience is eliminated with audiobooks that enable commuters to listen to their favourite book without having a physical book fall from their hands because of jostling passengers.

Listening to a good audiobook in the morning will not only stimulate a commuter’s mind but give them a more positive outlook on the day ahead, which is crucial for confidence and well-being.

Commuting shouldn’t be a drudgery on a grey London morning.

With the help of WiFi, commuting can be a time for city workers to learn something about the world around them that enlightens their minds – surely a better mood to enter work in, rather than being disgruntled about that last hour of sleep they missed out on.

About the Author

Chris Book is a productivity figurehead and the founder of Bardowl, a UK subscription based iOS audiobook streaming app. With Bardowl soon to launch globally, Chris is trying to change the way commuters make the most of their limited time by discussing lifehacking.


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  • Posted by Carlisle on Sep 22, 2013

    Thanks for the supporting and excellent information. it help a lot.

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